The advantages of the PWM control technique are undisputed. Good and cheap PWM-enabled fans are on the market. However, PC motherboards make insufficient use of the PWM technology. There are also hardly any PWM fan controllers for retrofitting available – especially with so many fan connectors.
This simple and inexpensive hardware, in conjunction with the operational software is a professional cooling solution. Server-, gaming- and performance-computers and demanding or energy-conscious operators will be served well with this solution. Today’s computer technology uses power-hungry components, which master better and better power management. The growing split between full load and idle calls for efficient, flexible and quiet cooling. This fan controller could immediately and elegantly fill the existing market gap.

I would like to market the technical innovation introduced here. Manufacturers, investors or others interested in the technology may contact me. The 8-channel software PWM algorithm might even be patentable. I am open to any suggestions for cooperation licensing, purchase or … and am happy to answer questions.

Gregor 15. November 2010