The PC Software

The program provides a graphical interface to configure the controller and to display the readings.

Screenshot 1

Program, screenshot 1

The fans and the temperature sensors can be identified and activated when required. In the basic functionality, the speed of the fans can be individually adjusted with the sliders.
The software gives audible and visual alarms if one of the activated fans should unexpectedly stop. The interruption of the connection to the controller is also signaled.

Screenshot 2

Program, screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Program, screenshot 3

An interface to the Everest software has been implemented in order to evaluate the temperatures of the processor, chipset, graphics card and other components equipped with sensors.

Screenshot 4

Program, screenshot 4

This enables the program to centrally monitor the entire PC. In the professional version, an automatic fan control is integrated. This allows efficient and quiet cooling of the PC.

Gregor 15. November 2010